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New to Data Vault?

It’s a unique data modeling technique that uses sets of hubs, links and satellites to build Data Warehouses. The technique is based upon the paradigm:
Separate things that change from those that do not change. A Data Vault modeled Data Warehouse will help companies to handle their data in a constantly moving and changing environment.

What does this course offer?

This is a hybrid class, utilizing 3 days in the classroom plus 2 weeks of online, on-demand video lectures and labs.
During the 3 days in the classroom students are purely focused on guide modeling with interactive group lab work. At the end of the training there will be a 3 hour hand written exam. This is designed to analyze the level of knowledge gained by each student.

*To gain certification, this exam must be passed.

Why Genesee Academy?

Genesee Academy is a world leader in training, seminars, and advising for data warehousing, data vault, ensemble modeling, data integration, and business intelligence.
At Genesee Academy, we are committed to helping professionals develop the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue opportunities in today’s fastest growing career fields.

Your Coach

Hans is president at Genesee Academy and a Principal at Top Of Minds AB. Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Big Data educator, author, speaker, and advisor. Currently working on Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) with a focus on Ensemble Modeling and Data Vault. Primarily in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Denver, Sydney and NYC.

Hans has published his data modeling book “Modeling the Agile Data Warehouse with Data Vault” which is available on Amazon websites in both print and Kindle e-reader versions.


Day 1

  • Introductions
  • Data Warehouse, Informational, Logical and Data Vault Modeling
  • Group Case Work
  • SAL & HAL
  • Hub and Business Key Topics

Day 2

  • Day 1 Review and Q&A
  • Class Discussions and Group Presentations
  • Expanded UOW and Keyed Instance
  • Applying the DV Ensemble
  • Group Case Work
  • Raw & BDV Layers
  • Virtualization
  • Managing Dates / B-temporal Data

Day 3

  • Review and Q&A
  • Data Vault & Agility
  • Data Vault & Big Data
  • Architecture & Layers
  • Loading Patterns
  • Helpful Tables: Bridges & Pit
  • Recap & Discussion


Beginning: Monday, 11th of June 2018, 9:00am
End: Wednesday, 13th of June 2018, 5:00pm


Multatulilaan 12,
4103 NM Culemborg,


Regular Price: € 3.275,- without VAT
Registration until Sunday 10th of June