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From BI to Digital Business: Architecture and Technologies

data42morrow Event in Germany

Die Veranstaltung findet in englischer Sprache statt / The event will be held in English

(Unfortunately cancelled due to insufficient registrations.)

Tuesday and Wednesday, 12 – 13th June, Dusseldorf

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Barry Devlin’s two-day seminar

From BI to Digital Business

In this two-day seminar describing the architecture and technology options for digitalized business, Barry Devlin expands on his comprehensive and respected Business unIntelligence architecture to include emerging topics such as the Internet of Things, algorithms, and artificial intelligence. Incorporating the technological advances in databases, NoSQL stores, and data preparation, as well as SOA, metadata, distributed access, collaboration, etc., this seminar also directly addresses current issues, such as operational and predictive analytics, data lakes, information discovery, and strategic decision management. Overall, Barry charts how business and IT together can design and build a digital business from the existing data warehouse and BI systems running enterprises today.

Attendees receive a complimentary copy of Barry’s book, “Business unIntelligence”

To celebrate the Data Warehouse 30th Anniversary, Barry is offering a signed, first edition copy of his 1997 book “Data Warehouse—from Architecture to Implementation” to one selected attendee

12 – 13th June 2018

Registration: 08:00 – 09:00
Tuesday: 09:00 – 17:00
Wednessday: 09:00 – 17:00

Design Offices
Düsseldorf Kaiserteich

Elisabethstraße 11,
40217 Düsseldorf

Founder and Principal of 9sight Consulting

Dr. Barry Devlin

Dr. Barry Devlin is among the foremost authorities on business insight and one of the founders of data warehousing, having published the first architectural paper in 1988. With over 30 years of IT experience, including 20 years with IBM as a Distinguished Engineer, he is a widely respected analyst, consultant, lecturer and author of the seminal book, Data Warehousefrom Architecture to Implementation and numerous White Papers. His 2013 book, “Business unIntelligence—Insight and Innovation beyond Analytics and Big Data” is available in both hardcopy and e-book formats.

As founder and principal of 9sight Consulting (, Barry provides strategic consulting and thought-leadership to buyers and vendors of BI solutions. He is continuously developing new architectural models for all aspects of decision-making and action-taking support. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Barrys knowledge and expertise are in demand both locally and internationally.

Barry Devlin’s latest book

Business unIntelligence

Business unIntelligence reflects the new reality that in today’s socially complex and rapidly changing world, business decisions must be based on a combination of rational and intuitive thinking. Integrating cues from diverse information sources and tacit knowledge, decision makers create unique meaning to innovate heuristically at the speed of thought. This book provides a wealth of new models that business and IT can use together to design support systems for tomorrow’s successful organizations.

“As the person who defined the conceptual framework and physical architecture for data warehousing in the 1980s, Barry Devlin has been an astute observer of the movement he initiated ever since. Now, in Business unIntelligence, Devlin provides a sweeping view of the past, present, and future of business intelligence, while delivering new conceptual and physical models for how to turn information into insights and action. Reading Devlin’s prose and vision of BI are comparable to reading Carl Sagan’s view of the cosmos. The book is truly illuminating and inspiring.” – Wayne Eckerson, President, BI Leader Consulting and Author, “Secrets of Analytical Leaders: Insights from Information Insiders”

Published in 1988

An architecture for a business and information system

Barry wrote the first published article describing a data warehouse architecture in 1988, based on his work in IBM Europe’s internal IT division in the preceding years.

Original publication: “An architecture for a business and information system”, B. A. Devlin, P. T. Murphy, IBM Systems Journal, Volume 27, Number 1, Page 60 (1988)

On the 9sight website you can download the publication free of charge as a PDF file.

Barry Devlin’s lecture at the Data Modeling Zone 2016

From BI To AI – Models, Ethics And Economics

Location of the Event

Design Offices Düsseldorf Kaiserteich

Design Offices Düsseldorf Kaiserteich – Elisabethstraße 11, 40217 Düsseldorf

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